Vets save money.

I recently realized that military personnel and veterans can get discounts at some major retailers and restaurants. I never realized it before until I looked on the Internet and also was told by a person that I know that certain places gave discounts. So I started to ask around what with retailers if they have a discount for veterans and many times they do.

Here is a list of stores and restaurants that give discounts

  • Home Depot 10% but I think this is technically for those with a service connected disability.
  • Lowe’s hardware store
  • Culvers 10%
  • Great clips discount differs by location if any
  • Old Navy the place I went to said it was only on Mondays but she tried it out and it worked on the Saturday
  • Hot topic 10% that surprised me
  • Cold stone creamery 10%
  • Subway I don’t think they actually have a discount but I asked if they did and they gave me one

So my advice if you’re a veteran is just ask when you’re checking out if they have a military discount and you may be surprised that they do.

I just went to culvers today and saved a $1.59.

I think this is just the way to say thank you for your service.

Thank you for your service.

Update 8/29/2015

Shopped at Gap and Aeropostale. They have 10% discounts.
Local Panda Express has 20% discount – that is generous.