Natural rust remover

I found out lemon juice seems to be an effective rust remover. I had a very rusty pair of needle nosed pliers. They were completely rusted over and were difficult to open.

I took on juice from a bottle of reallemon and poured it into a gallon ziplock bag. I then put the pliers in it so the metal parts were covered in the juice a left it for a day.

Let me just say that most of the rust is gone and the pliers work again. When I opened the bag it had a metallic odor.

Check out the results.
Before, after and soaking in the juice.




Coupons. Double the experience

If you cut out coupons sometimes you don’t realize the money you’re saving and you end up spending the money that you have in your bank account anyways. What I do is after I use my coupons I go home and add up how much I saved using coupons. I then record that amount on my simple Excel spreadsheet.

What recording does is allows me to track how much I’m actually saving using coupons. But it doesn’t end there. I take my savings amount and transfer money from my checking account either to pay down debts or to move into another account or investment account.

So I get to experience the savings of the coupons when I check out and when I pay myself back or pay down my debt at home. I call this a double experience. One last note is that when I shop at target and save 5% using my target red card, I also include the 5% savings in my coupon amounts in a separate column and transfer that money same way I transfer my coupon savings

On average every time I shop for groceries and other items I save between $20 and $30 by using coupons and if I’m at target using my target card. I am not an extreme couponer but it’s still nice to save a few dollars here and there and also track my savings.

Vets save money.

I recently realized that military personnel and veterans can get discounts at some major retailers and restaurants. I never realized it before until I looked on the Internet and also was told by a person that I know that certain places gave discounts. So I started to ask around what with retailers if they have a discount for veterans and many times they do.

Here is a list of stores and restaurants that give discounts

  • Home Depot 10% but I think this is technically for those with a service connected disability.
  • Lowe’s hardware store
  • Culvers 10%
  • Great clips discount differs by location if any
  • Old Navy the place I went to said it was only on Mondays but she tried it out and it worked on the Saturday
  • Hot topic 10% that surprised me
  • Cold stone creamery 10%
  • Subway I don’t think they actually have a discount but I asked if they did and they gave me one

So my advice if you’re a veteran is just ask when you’re checking out if they have a military discount and you may be surprised that they do.

I just went to culvers today and saved a $1.59.

I think this is just the way to say thank you for your service.

Thank you for your service.

Update 8/29/2015

Shopped at Gap and Aeropostale. They have 10% discounts.
Local Panda Express has 20% discount – that is generous.