Uverse savings

I have been a uverse customer for years. I have been paying about $145 per month for U200 and 6mbs internet service.

Yesterday I decided to call to see if I could get a discount. I called the main number and he could not offer me anything special. I then asked if I could speak to someone in the retention area and he kindly connected me to Loyalty.

At first, I thought I was not gonna get any discount. The only thing that I was offered was to get a dish at a similar overall price, but with slightly better features. The person helping me then said let me talk to my supervisor put me on hold.

She came back about a minute later and said I can offer you U300 and Internet service with increased speed for about thirty dollars lower than what I was currently paying. I would have to sign up for one year and the price should be valid for two years.

I was extremely pleased with this offer. U300 also includes few movie channels.

I checked my bills to make sure things were adjusted properly. I had to call back as it was not setup properly but the customer service person was outstanding. She corrected the bills in a very simple manner saying you should not have had to call back so she corrected the bills by refunding me a little more than if you analyzed every detail.

I also got a $100 Visa gift card for signing up for a new package which was an unexpected bonus.

I am sure there are better deals out there but I am satisfied with the outcome.

My bill now is about $115 per month. Saving about $30 per month and have faster internet and more channels not that I can watch them all.

Replaced Iphone Battery

After many months of trying to avoid changing my iphone battery, I had enough of having to use a hair dryer to power up my phone.

I scheduled an appointment online with battery plus to replace my battery. It was 59.99 but they sent me a $10 coupon so with tax it was about $53.

I brought my phone in around 1115 and they checked my phone to make sure it functioned. They told me it would be fixed by 1215.

I returned at 1215 and the phone had a new battery. What a big difference it made.

I am fine with my iphone 5. I don’t need to spend money on the latest version. For $50 I just saved the hassle and cost of having to get a new phone.

I recommend batteries plus.

I could have tried to do it myself but from Amazon reviews it did not seem easy and it has risks including damaging the phone. My time and my desire to just get the phone working well was worth what I paid. Besides what would you expect someone to charge?

Removed stains from wood

I have old wood floors. I recently came upon a plastic bag full of bottles of lotion and shampoo which hAd leaked and left a hidden mess on the floor. Along with that came some darkening of the wood.

I cleaned off the wood with a paper towel and then put some hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel and dabbed. It over the stain. I then covered it with baking powder. This is a trick that helped me repair our floors when our cats urinated and pooped on the floor.

I vacuumed up the powder after about 10 minutes. I usually wait longer sometimes overnight but I was impatient. The floor had improved except some of it was too light.

Having read other articles about roving white stains on the floor, I put some olive oil on a paper towel and buffed it in. My floors turned out pretty well.

Here is a before the olive oil picture


Here are a couple photos after a quick treatment with olive oil



It is not perfect but I am amazed. I also used baking powder to remove water stains which had whitened the floor. It worked as well.

I then went to another area which was damaged by a bag of onions that I had bought at a fundraiser and left on the floor. It had whitened the floor about 8 years ago. I took some olive oil and wiped it on. Much improved for sure.

I have not perfected my technique, but my toolkit now includes vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, paper towels, vacuum, and olive oil. Searched the web and find out what may work for you. Use caution as even though these are household products they still can impact the surfaces they contact.

Here is the cat stain I was able to fix over a few days. This is a story for another day. Leave a comment if you want to see the after pictures. If no one is interested, I will leave this article as is. All I will say is I am absolutely amazed I removed the stain with dish soap, vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I think I will touch it up with some olive oil one of these days and some of the floor was left lighter as they were more heavily impacted by the cats urine and poop.


Hair gel

I used to use hair gel to control my hair. I use it to keep my hair down as without it my hair sticks up.

I then got a small bottle of leave in conditioner/body lotion with tea tree oil which worked well without leaving my hair looking gelled. It also smelled good, although it is expensive.

Well, my big bottle ran out. I did not want to pay $30 for another one so I went to the store and bought a big bottle of lotion with minimal scent. Advanced therapy or something is on the label.

What I find is if I use a modest amount, a couple pumps, and rub it thoroughly in my hair it works really well. Probably better than any other product I have used before.

As for the cost, I bought the store brand so it was not much. I think it is good for my hair, too.

So instead of paying $30 or more a bottle, I am paying about $3. Also, the lotion is better than the gels I was using.

Ooma update

Just a quick update on Ooma. I have to say the call quality is just as good as my previous telephone provider. I pay absolutely nothing for my Ooma service because I have an older model which I activated a number of years ago.

The sound quality is good and the voicemail is good as well. You can download an app on your phone so you can check your voicemail using your phone. I have not tried calling long distance to another country but the rates look very competitive.

I think I mentioned this before but the customer service is excellent. I chatted with them online a number of times and they were extremely helpful. I also did not have to wait very long to get connected with my representative.

I highly recommend Ooma because of the ease of use and the very helpful customer service.

One more thing. I ported my line over and it took only two days at most.

Saving $40 + on my phone bill with OOMA

I recently stopped paying for phone service.  I used to have my phone service through a major telecom carrier.  I have no complaints about the service.  I was paying $45 per month for unlimited calls to US and Canada, voice mail, caller ID and some features I was not using like conference calling.

I have owned the OOMA telephone system for a couple years.  I bought it a major retailer.  It is the original OOMA Hub with the scout.  Although I have had it for a couple years or so, I could not stop using the more traditional home phone service.

This year I decided to transfer my main number to OOMA.  I did some research on OOMA online, reviewing message boards and reading Amazon posts.  The comments were pretty favorable.

Here is my experience:

1.  I own the original OOMA Hub and registered it a number of years ago so I do not pay anything for the service.  New registrants pay fees and taxes (e.g government fees) which vary but I heard are around $3-8$.

2.  My phone bill was about $45 including fees and taxes.  I think my old phone service was VOIP (voice over internet protocol) as well.

3.  I have the OOMA basic service.  There is a premium type service which costs about $119 or so per year and it comes with a number of useful features like block lists, caller ID with name, second line, outgoing calls on the OOMA app  and other features.  I did not need these services as I do not use them now.  The basic service comes with caller ID and voice mail.   I also can check my voice mail using the app. ( Please check the OOMA site as I am going by memory.)

4. I ported or moved my home phone number to OOMA.  This costs about $39.  I could have gotten this for free had I signed up for the premium service.  Porting was fast.  I began the process on a Saturday and my number was ported to OOMA by the next Wednesday.  Make sure you have your current carriers information when you fill out the OOMA porting application.  The OOMA online customer service was excellent.  Fast.

5.  I really like my OOMA phone service.  The sound quality has been great.  Voice mail works well.  I have to say, I do not even think about being on OOMA.  Since I have the basic service not all the calls have names…only numbers.  Some have names but I think it is because they are saved on my phone.  In any case, this does not bother me.  If you need caller ID with name, check out the premium services which only ends up being $10 per month.

6.  After I ported my number to OOMA, my other carrier automatically cancelled my phone service so I did not have to do anything on that end.

7.  I was able to take the wire from my OOMA box that usually goes to a phone and wire it to a phone line port that links to all the other phone outlets.  This has enabled me to have phone service on all my phones including the cordless ones and the ones that are standalone plugged into a phone outlet.  I could also use my Scout.  The newer OOMA phones use other methods as the Scout no longer is used in the newer phones.  I use my same phones which are a Uniden cordless and a couple basic wall phones I bought at Menards many years ago.

8.  Summary, I recommend OOMA if you want an easy way to get very, very low cost VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service.  There are other methods to do this, but OOMA makes is simple.  My experience has been great from the excellent customer service, the fast porting of my phone number to the seamless phone service I have experienced.  This has been a great experience.

I am now saving $45 dollars per month or $540 per year.

Amazon sells OOMA at very good prices  Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service.  Go ahead, explore the OOMA system and save real money.

If you have questions, just leave a comment. Share your experiences on OOMA.