Free prescriptions at Meijer

I recently received a prescription from my dentist for amoxicillin as I had an infection under one of my teeth. It was quite painful. As I was leaving the dental office, one of the dental assistants mentioned that another patient had mentioned the Meijer pharmacy filled antibiotic prescriptions for free. I thought in my mind…no way…and just commented that it probably is only $10 at the pharmacy I use. I really did not want to go to Meijer simply because I was used to going to where i normally went.

So, I left the office and drove across the road to my regular pharmacy. I handed the pharmacy assistant my prescription and she said 1 hour and that it would probably cost about $15. I hesitated and said I will just get it filled closer to my house. I did not feel like coming back in an hour. I think I really was wondering if Meijer really had free prescriptions.

I returned to my car and looked up “Meijer free prescriptions” and sure enough it said select antibiotics were free “regardless of insurance or copay.” Of course, you need a valid prescription from a doctor. Other items are also free. At the time of this article, the website reads

  • “Select antibiotics
  • Select prenatal vitamins
  • Metformin Immediate Release
  • Atorvastatin Calcium”

So, I drove down the street and gave them my amoxicillin prescription and my prescription card. I think the pharmacist told me that they still bill the insurance company if you have insurance, but for the select prescriptions, you do not have to pay a copay. He was also able to easily look up my insurance information…so now I am set up at Meijer. Easier than I thought.

In addition, the pharmacist said it would be ready in 15 minutes and I would receive a text message. While waiting, I went shopping and 15 minutes later I picked up my free prescription. It was simply free! I saved about $15. Thanks Meijer. I think it is amazing that Meijer offers free prescriptions. I think this is especially helpful to low income families and those with no insurance, but it does help everyone.

I can tell you not all antibiotics are free. I later filled a prescription for azithromycin and it was about $5. This will vary based on your insurance policy.

Thank you Meijer. I have now filled all my recent prescriptions at Meijer even though it is not the closest pharmacy. I like that I can grab some groceries or household items while I am there.