Hair gel

I used to use hair gel to control my hair. I use it to keep my hair down as without it my hair sticks up.

I then got a small bottle of leave in conditioner/body lotion with tea tree oil which worked well without leaving my hair looking gelled. It also smelled good, although it is expensive.

Well, my big bottle ran out. I did not want to pay $30 for another one so I went to the store and bought a big bottle of lotion with minimal scent. Advanced therapy or something is on the label.

What I find is if I use a modest amount, a couple pumps, and rub it thoroughly in my hair it works really well. Probably better than any other product I have used before.

As for the cost, I bought the store brand so it was not much. I think it is good for my hair, too.

So instead of paying $30 or more a bottle, I am paying about $3. Also, the lotion is better than the gels I was using.