Uverse savings

I have been a uverse customer for years. I have been paying about $145 per month for U200 and 6mbs internet service.

Yesterday I decided to call to see if I could get a discount. I called the main number and he could not offer me anything special. I then asked if I could speak to someone in the retention area and he kindly connected me to Loyalty.

At first, I thought I was not gonna get any discount. The only thing that I was offered was to get a dish at a similar overall price, but with slightly better features. The person helping me then said let me talk to my supervisor put me on hold.

She came back about a minute later and said I can offer you U300 and Internet service with increased speed for about thirty dollars lower than what I was currently paying. I would have to sign up for one year and the price should be valid for two years.

I was extremely pleased with this offer. U300 also includes few movie channels.

I checked my bills to make sure things were adjusted properly. I had to call back as it was not setup properly but the customer service person was outstanding. She corrected the bills in a very simple manner saying you should not have had to call back so she corrected the bills by refunding me a little more than if you analyzed every detail.

I also got a $100 Visa gift card for signing up for a new package which was an unexpected bonus.

I am sure there are better deals out there but I am satisfied with the outcome.

My bill now is about $115 per month. Saving about $30 per month and have faster internet and more channels not that I can watch them all.