Replaced Iphone Battery

After many months of trying to avoid changing my iphone battery, I had enough of having to use a hair dryer to power up my phone.

I scheduled an appointment online with battery plus to replace my battery. It was 59.99 but they sent me a $10 coupon so with tax it was about $53.

I brought my phone in around 1115 and they checked my phone to make sure it functioned. They told me it would be fixed by 1215.

I returned at 1215 and the phone had a new battery. What a big difference it made.

I am fine with my iphone 5. I don’t need to spend money on the latest version. For $50 I just saved the hassle and cost of having to get a new phone.

I recommend batteries plus.

I could have tried to do it myself but from Amazon reviews it did not seem easy and it has risks including damaging the phone. My time and my desire to just get the phone working well was worth what I paid. Besides what would you expect someone to charge?