Iphone 5 and the hair dryer

My iPhone 5 would not start. The battery symbol showed up and it seem to be charging. When I plugged it into the computer and pushed the on button and also held the circular button in the front computer made a noise. This told me that the iPhone was still working. However it would not start.

I searched on the Internet on what to do. I found some videos on using a hair dryer to start my phone but I did not trust them. I kept searching and found a message board on the Apple website.

Some people seem to say that using a hairdryer or even a hot cuppa coffee would help start the phone again. I thought why not try this. So I took out a hair dryer and I heated the back of my phone for about 40 seconds. I plugged the phone back in and to my surprise the phone actually started and I got the apple symbol.

My battery is not very good. I am not sure how many times you can do this before it does not work at all. At one point my phone would not even charge even when I plugged it in. However I kept at it and it started to charge again. It does not hold a charge very long though.

Lucky I had bought a Logitech external battery case. This has allowed me to recharge the phone often. What seems to happen now is that if I let the phone lose charge completely and it turns off it does not seem to turn back on. I had to use the hairdryer again the start the phone. Since then I’ve kept the phone charged. What makes it difficult though is sometimes my phone will just shut off or the screen google him blank and then the battery symbol shows that I need to recharge it.

I think the long-term solution and correct solution will be to change my battery. However my phone is four years old and I’m not sure I want to invest $50-$80 and a new battery. I thought about buying a battery kit online. However after reading the reviews it seems rather difficult and I could damage the phone so that it does not work.

In any case, I mean point in this blog post was to share my experience using the hairdryer technique. I am not recommending this technique to anybody. If you use this technique I would be very careful because the hair dry can get very hot and so can your phone. I do not know what damage it could cause your phone.

I am not recommending this method. You should do your own research and use your own good judgment. Whatever you do be very careful and be safe.